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Hello World Tour (the SQL)

Richard Douglas has another busy autumn lined up – read on to see if he'll be presenting SQL Server sessions at an event in your area!

Paul White : The Sort that Spills to Level 15,000

Paul White shows that SQL Server sometimes produces very misleading information about the impact of sort operations.

Latest Builds of Management Studio

September 26, 2016: Find information about the builds of SQL Server Management Studio and SSDT in their new release cycle approach, and locate the latest build of SSMS for previous versions.

Marketing Decoded: How to Get the Most from Your Search

SEO is more than just another acronym. Learn how some of the best practices of marketers can yield a better search result for your Google searches.

Latest Builds of SQL Server 2016

September 22, 2016 : See updated downloads, release notes, and observed changes for builds of SQL Server 2016, including RTM Cumulative Update #2.

Glenn Berry : Memory/Storage Technology Hierarchy and SQL Server

Glenn Berry discusses the ever-changing landscape of memory/storage technology, and how it relates to SQL Server workloads on Windows servers.

Latest Builds of SQL Server 2012

Updated September 20th, 2016 : SQL Server 2012 is now at Service Pack 3, but regardless of what build you're on now, read this post to see what you should know before deploying. Most recent update: New Cumulative Updates for SP2 & SP3.

Using SQL Sentry on a 4K Monitor

We are aware that a few of you are enjoying these spiffy HiDPI / UltraHD / 4K screens, whether you're using a Retina screen, a Surface, or an external high-end monitor. We have plans to fully accommodate these higher resolutions in our software, and in the meantime, we have helped multiple customers with a workaround

Plan Explorer 3.0 Webinar – Samples and Q & A

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) follows up a recent webinar on SQL Sentry Plan Explorer 3.0 with answers to about two dozen audience questions.

Latest Builds of SQL Sentry Software

Updated September 15th, 2016 : This post is intended to give you a single location to determine the latest general release version of our software components, as well as links to downloads, change lists, documentation, and product-related blog posts.

Got Virtualization? We Can Monitor It!

Lori Edwards (@loriedwards) provides a quick overview of our host and guest virtualization support for both VMware and Hyper-V in SQL Sentry.

How to Successfully Evaluate a Monitoring Tool

Richard Douglas provides tips and tricks and talks about all the steps you should take to successfully evaluate monitoring software.

Plan Explorer PRO Goes FREE!

SQL Sentry CEO Greg Gonzalez (@SQLsensei) announces the completely free Plan Explorer 3.0, with two groundbreaking new features (Index Analysis and Performance Profiling).

Custom Conditions: Trigger Threshold

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) explains when you should set a Trigger Threshold value on a Custom Condition and demonstrates a use case.

Pattern Matching : More Fun When I Was a Kid

Aaron Bertrand talks about pattern matching, a childhood game called Simon, and the unpredictability of CHARINDEX vs. LIKE.