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Latest Builds of SQL Server 2016

February 5, 2015 : SQL Server 2016 is now at CTP 3.3 (13.0.1000.281). Continue reading for updated downloads, release notes, and observed changes.

#BackToBasics : The "Runaway" Query

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) describes a few different causes for a symptom you might describe as a "runaway" query in SQL Server.

SQL Server support for TLS 1.2 – Read This First!

Microsoft has announced support for TLS 1.2 in SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, and 2014. However, there are a few issues right now.

Latest Builds of SQL Server 2014

Updated January 30, 2016 : SQL Server 2014 has new, stabilizing cumulative updates for both the RTM and Service Pack 1 branches, and more recently, TLS 1.2 support.

Latest Builds of SQL Server 2012

Updated January 30, 2016 : SQL Server 2012 is now at Service Pack 3, but regardless of what build you're on now, read this post to see what you should know before deploying. Most recent update: TLS 1.2 support.

Latest Builds of SQL Sentry Software

Updated January 28, 2016 : This post is intended to give you a single location to determine the latest general release version of our software components, as well as links to downloads, change lists, documentation, and product-related blog posts.

Come to SQLintersection – We Have Disney!

We will be part of the SQLintersection event at the Walt Disney World Swan in Florida in April. Read on to see why you should be there too!

Subjectivity : Naming Standards

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) discusses a few counterpoints to a very thorough and useful post on database naming standards.

Delayed Durability while Purging Data

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) investigates using SQL Server's delayed durability feature to improve performance while purging data.

#BackToBasics : Common Table Expressions (CTEs)

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) presents his first "BackToBasics" post of 2016, giving an introduction to common table expressions (CTEs).

Tim Radney : Tuning : A Good Place to Start

Tim Radney of SQLskills gives an overview of his approach to SQL Server performance tuning, from system configuration, to I/O latency, to high cost queries.

A Challenge for 2016

In every month of 2016, Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) will attempt to publish an introductory blog post about SQL Server.

How I learned to stop worrying and love cumulative updates

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) explains that cumulative updates are not to be feared and that the cautionary text accompanying them will soon be a thing of the past.